If we’re being honest, I ain’t sorry

            Here we go, again.

If you’ve been keeping up with loveburn then you know that I promote everything positive, truthful, and transparent. I once took an assessment at church that classified me as extremely compassionate and merciful. I think it’s safe to add honesty to that list as well! At times, I can get carried away with all three traits, especially honesty!
In February of 2014, a person that I admire very much, told me, “honesty is always the best policy.” Now I question how close they hold their own advice to their heart, but I took it literally! You can ask my parents, I have never been a great liar and let them tell it, I’m “too” honest.

When people say that, I’m like what does that even mean?! At this point in my life I feel like, ain’t no editing bih! I just like to know all the details upfront! I don’t want to find out little by little, trying to piece it all together. And in the same turn that’s how I talk to people, the blunt, honest truth.
My cousin has brought it to my attention that I need to work on my delivery, so let me add that to my New Year’s resolution list! I can also admit that even though I appreciate complete honesty, I still feel the pain that may be apart of the package.
I remember times when people I really cared about such as, my parents, people who I thought could do no wrong nor have any issues, would be transparent in some of their struggles of life. Initially, those things would hurt me. I would get stuck on those things. I felt like those were my examples and they let me down.

Being able to grow and mature from the situation, I respect their honesty and transparency. I understand that delivery may often be troubling and difficult to properly execute, but honesty can build the path for you to righteously live your life. Initial shocks may create cause for pause on the receiving side, but don’t neglect the courage of an individual being honest in their attempts.
Being on both sides of the spectrum, as many of us have been, I stress you to remember the feelings that both sides may bring. To share in honesty, willingly forgive and progress on both ends.
The character traits I value and often mention are so essential in building and maintaining true meaningful relationships. ( New Year’s resolution) acknowledging the fact that I should work on my delivery. I’d rather apologize for the way the truth was delivered than how it was masked, while still having to share the truth in the end. I’m over the backlash people receive from being honest in their approach. Last year, I always felt like I was being punished for mistakes, owning up to them or just being honest in general. I’ve come to realize as a society honesty just isn’t a strong point. The same can be said about a lot of other qualities people look to see but don’t exude.

If no one else can respect you for your good character, at least you’ll be able to live with yourself. Never neglect the fact that life is about living and learning. If a person isn’t willing to help protect your energy, they don’t deserve your energy. As far as being “too” honest, we will leave that for another post when I finally figure out when to share, or not at all.


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