Define crazy

Let’s talk about being crazy. Any type of crazy. Because the truth is people drive people crazy. Via dishonesty, un-loyalty, integrity lacking, morals don’t apply to them, the prize is worth more than their heart attempt. When proclaiming someone crazy then ask yourself, ” is it really me? The root of everything.” We upset at the sight of someone with passion…sincerity. Turn right back around to tell someone else they hold no substance. What’s the true issue? It’s more or less YOU. hurting yourself along with the person who cares enough to want to understand. Understand the walls you put up, they’re constantly trying to break down. The hurt you deflect on them and they still love, love, love you down. All the flaws you embody but they see more in you than that. Yet, that’s crazy. They’re crazy. Hurt people hurt feelings but let’s stop this nonsense. Let’s stop the crazy all that creates. Let’s just communicate. Be up front with intentions. And stop being afraid of where love…feelings navigates.



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