Vain Attraction; I bet you think this poem is about you


Glass mirrors
Reflection of my inner secrets
The ones you view as lies
To keep you away from me
I shy’d from sharing
Scared I couldn’t trust you
didn’t want to subject myself
Another heartbreak
Falling in love before you let me in
The view of your eyes kept me locked in
I couldn’t stray away
Only wanted to keep up the momentum
Make you believe
My honey as sweet as I portray it to be
Reverse your mind
That my mistakes of the past
Don’t define
But help built a better me
As I got intertwined with who you showed yourself to be
But turned out a complete scheme
My heart screamed
Yet I still clinched trembling
Trying to grasping all the exhilarating feelings previously designed
Feelings that illustrate my dreams passion
Full of all our energy
Energy persistently streaming
As you consistently try to cut the stream
With continued inconsistency
Why won’t you just let us be
Free falling
Take an adventure with me
See me transparently
For who I am
Not for what my mistakes make me out to be
Glass mirrors
They remind me of my past discrepancies
The ones that almost defined me
Almost made me bypass your energy
Secrets that I wanted to share with you
Afraid of rejection
While I weigh the option
Of you hearing diffused versions
Of variations of the secrets
You view as lies
That you may use to define me
Push me away
Lock me in a box
Only tugging on the aglet…
Winding the handle…
* pop goes the Weasle*

Is that the weasle?

When you’re ready
Glass mirrors
Reflections of who I want to be
Versus who I am
But glass mirrors
Didn’t show me
True intentions
Your agenda coveted
As you watch me fall in love
Looking through your eyes
Feeling undeniable energy
You knew I wouldn’t let escape my memory
Glass mirrors
They only share my truths
You manipulate
To have your cake and desert me


I once stepped outside of my…the box. I opened my life to a real liberal suggested state of mind. I thought It was worthwhile. I thought it would bring great joy. Excitement. It brought distortion to my character. I entered a realm I knew nothing about. Trouble surrounded me. Distance enclosed brought on by this new perception that deceived those that were close to me. All from taking one wrong turn. I was trying to open my mind. The energy captured me. Ding! Ding! Ding! Bells ring… Balance is calling as a reminder. Free spirit, you forget you need guidance.

If I knew then, what I know now. I’d propose that you’d open your mind to things my way. If met with a decline, I’d move forward independently. After all, that was my original plan before I ever met you. Life got sweeter with your energy beam crossing paths with mine but now a bitter taste is stuck on the palate of my tongue with you gone. I hope tantalizing thoughts of memories slip through your mind causing that high energy ⚡️ I saw that one time in your eyes.




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