Unconditional Energy

It’s no surprise
By the energy I radiate into the universe
I naturally gravitated to this
I’m feigning for that feeling
dire energy
Our coexistence creates
Buzz of light year sensation
When I wake up looking in your eyes
Beautiful morning
Only want your sun to set on mine
This spirit you’ve brought my soul
Glorious gold
I don’t ever want this to grow old
Fade into me
Let’s make a band of unity
Let the lightening strike deep
Press Play: same ol mistakes
Don’t care, I’m breaking all the rules
I set to keep
Discernment disabled
Tunnel vision takes over
You’re the only thing I’m seeing
I’m high to the sky
Your energy, poison
But I have faith it won’t murder me
At least not like last time
Look at me
All guards down
It’s all over my face
I’ve been waiting for this date
Don’t R.I.P this trust
You may divert it
But OUR energy can’t be destroyed
Let’s use it to create love
Why dangle me like a little string
If you didn’t want a real thing
Could be your sweet thang
Chaka melody
Now who’s playing
Now who shouldn’t be taken seriously
I remember everything you ever told me
But didn’t live up to be

Hair tied, driving with no make up on… That’s when I think of you the most

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